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Why I Hope Westboro Baptist Church, the ACLU, and Dahlia Lithwick...

Free speech is a good thing. Respecting the value of the whole community is a better one.

Defining Red Toryism (Again)

A scholar suggests that Phillip Blond's Red Toryism is just another word for conventional conservatism. He may be right about Blond, but he's definitely not about the idea.

A Note on Right, Left, and Lasch at the Present Time

If Lasch couldn't express a way for leftists and localists to speak the same language, perhaps no one can.

Big Societies, Christian Communities, and Tories (Red or Otherwise)

Whatever the results of the British election, the Red Tory ideal remains promising...and yet, absent a robust civic religion, also probably wanting.

Cameron’s “Big Society” and its Discontents

I can’t seem to get the Orwellian thought of a “National Department of Bigness” out of my head – where everything is kept small and local…except the Department.

Christian Democratic Communities and Teleological States: A Response to God’s Economy

If your religion--or at least your concept of the moral norms of the civil order--lacks a notion of grace, it therefore also lacks a notion of gifts; all it can say is that some people are lucky, not that some people are blessed.

Defending Lasch, Left and/or Right

Wichita, KS. No one, I think, has ever summed up the longing for a life with front porches--the localist longing which is this blog's...

Communitarianism, Conservatism, Populism and Localism: An Updated Survey

Wichita, KS Michael Sandel's giving of the prestigious Reith Lectures for the BBC (hat tip: the ever-watchful Harry Brighouse at Crooked Timber) has prompted me...