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Out of the Fissure, Real Energy: A Response to God’s Economy

Perhaps out of these fissures and the current populist turmoil, someone might be able to craft a new, more coherent, and more promising Christian and Democratic coalition.

Christian Democratic Communities and Teleological States: A Response to God’s Economy

If your religion--or at least your concept of the moral norms of the civil order--lacks a notion of grace, it therefore also lacks a notion of gifts; all it can say is that some people are lucky, not that some people are blessed.

An Arch Needs Many Stones: A Response to “God’s Economy”

But how can such plural sovereignty be realised under the circumstances of this century? Who will guard the guardians, so to speak? How will the stones of the arch fit together?

From Olive Trees to Overcapacity

A homogeneous global consumer culture flattens its victims. And, perhaps in the same vein, our meanderings around the dying furniture capital of Yecla turned up nothing: virtually everything on display fitted what has become the decorative style of contemporary Spain: the sort of stuff one might find in a Copenhagen dentist’s office.

What Colour Is the Village Green?

Often the politics of the local turns on the “who” as much as the “where.” Switzerland showed as much very recently.  The country enjoys some...

Citizens of the World, Divide!

Moorpark, CA. We are told to be careful with our words, to be aware of how our words might make other people feel or...

Independent Populists?

Michael Lind over at Salon suggests a disparity between populism and the "liberal left." Given Sarah Plain's new book, in which she continues to...

Localist Principles, Populist Words (or, The Problem Defined)

I suppose Front Porch Republic is experiencing growing pains, because all the talk lately is about "what's next?"--what cause, what platform, what principles or...

Education as Moral Formation: A Localist Proposal

Holland, MI. I heard many fine presentations at Notre Dame’s Center for the Study of Ethics and Culture from November 12-14, and one in...

A Global Mea Culpa

I screwed up but I don’t know how to apologize to the parties involved. In this age of global communication, highspeed networks, and...