Tag: Republican Party

Wisconsin Calling

Ron Paul should go to Wisconsin and make a splash.

The GOP in Limbo: How Low Can You Go?

Newt Gingrich is a master of righteous indignation although he’s far better at being indignant than being righteous. What's going on with conservative Christians?

The Closing of the Republican Mind (A Séance)

Lucky me, to be invited to try the beta version of Google’s newest and coolest app — Séance! After a quick download and install, I...

Post-Iowa Advice for the Paul Campaign

Ron Paul didn't win Iowa but he did well. What should he do now?

Porch Banter

Michael Gerson's column this morning seems a likely candidate to spur some friendly discussion on the Porch.

Of Money and Mouths

We shouldn’t complain about socialists and charlatans in power if we’re not willing to fund alternatives. We shouldn’t bemoan the power of big money if we’re not willing to utilize the power of small money.

Think on These Things: Unexpected Sunshine in Washington

Three years ago, I could not imagine Ron Paul winning the CPAC straw poll. Now he has. The doom and gloom evoked by the rich and powerful are realities in a fallen world, but we should not fail to think about the good.

Rogue Remnants: Sarah Palin continued

Here are some portions of my analysis of Sarah Palin and populism that are not included in my book review essay that appears in The American Conservative.

Nation at the Crossroads

RINGOES, NJ. The world is hunkered down. For some months now we have been holding our collective breath, waiting to see if the financial...