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It’s not a difficult argument to understand. You have a responsibility to your community because, among other things, you are not your own. So act like it. It ain’t hard. At the same time, of course, don’t be a condescending, self-righteous snob about it. Anyone see the brilliant Mike Judge’s new show The Goode Family last night?

An FPR colleague’s wife once asked him, “You hate Wal-Mart. So why don’t you criticize your friends for going there?” His response: “Because they’re my friends!” That’s about right.

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Jeremy Beer is a philanthropic consultant. He lives with his wife, Kara, in the Willo neighborhood of her hometown: Phoenix, Arizona. Although he likes Arizona and the land west of the one hundredth meridian generally, Jeremy is from Kosciusko County, Indiana, and considers himself a Hoosier patriot. He believes that Booth Tarkington was one of our greatest novelists, that Jean Shepherd was one of our greatest humorists, that Billy Sunday was our one of our greatest (and speediest) orators, and that Larry Bird is without a doubt our greatest living American. Jeremy obtained his doctorate in psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. From 2000 to 2008 he worked at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute in Wilmington, Delaware, serving finally as vice president of publications and editor in chief of ISI Books. He serves on the boards of Front Porch Republic, Inc., Mars Hill Audio, and Catholic Phoenix. A more complete and much more professional bio can be found here. See books written and recommended by Jeremy Beer.


  1. It always amazes me to see liberal and conservative alike blanche at any suggestion that they should spend at least some of their money in the local hardware, book or clothing store instead of the strip chain even if it is more expensive because it supports the local landlord, the local business owner, the local tax receipts and , well….the local. Everyone complains their Town is a little frayed and that they can’t stand the traffic and general blasted look of the Strip but they still trundle down there almost exclusively. What you save will in all likelihood come back out of your pocket in higher taxes and reduced property values while your village takes on the look of the walking dead and you can’t find anything to eat that aint shipped in from several states away or is served within an atmosphere best described as David Lynch meets Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and endorsed by the U.S. Plastic Institute.

    Rugged Individualism meet an Auto-Ass-Kick.

  2. good luck burying yourself, freddy. seeing as how you’re your own and all. (did you birth yourself, too?)

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