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Sean Scallon at TAC recently directed our attention to this fellow, Dan Mielke, who is running for Congress in Wisconsin’s 7th District. I’ve no idea if he has a chance of winning — apparently he is not the choice of the DC conservative establishment — but my goodness, I think he might take 80 or 90% of the Porch vote. From his bio:

  • Facilitator for the Stevens Point Farmers Market.
  • Dan is a strong advocate of “buy local, buy fresh”, an effort to help small farm families increase the profitability of their farms in a world where farmers have been losing out to corporate farming practices.
  • Has been an aggressive proponent for the protection of property rights and served as a public speaker throughout the state in this regards.
  • Has been a promoter of sustainable agriculture serving on the USDA SARE grant review committee and as an educator in the field of sustainable farming practices.
  • Has been a strong advocate for constitutional government and has been publicly active over the years in fighting for the protection of our Constitutional rights and freedoms.

On the issues, he is pro-life and if not quite anti-war, openly skeptical of using the U.S. military to advance and protect the empire.

Unless he’s as poorly educated and just plain dumb as Mrs. Palin (which he doesn’t seem to be), this is about as good as you’re going to get, my friends. Go get ’em, Mielke.

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  1. It’s not just the DC establishment that’s for Duffy. Mielke has totally alienated himself from Republicans and many tea partiers in his own district. Case in point… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LK71gbo8IzQ

    Mielke is going to need ‘green’ to win. Green money (he has none)and green grass-roots support (he has none). The few folks that support him aren’t the type to get out and knock doors, and many lack the tack to effectively communicate on his behalf.

    Palin is actually much more educated than Mielke, and much better looking. She’s won an election and has a following. Dan does not.

  2. So far I like him and would be glad to have a chance to vote for him. You forgot to point out that he’s against farm subsidies (aka the root of all evil). (Actually, I’d be just as happy if he took ag subsidies and used the money to help finance a campaign to eliminate ag subsidies, but the point is that he seems to understand how corrupting they are.)

  3. Certain people in the Rep Party asked Mielke not to run last election cycle when there wasn’t any candidate because they were making way for Duffy. That was Mielke’s introduction to the 7th district. No wonder they didn’t hit it off! Duffy held the 7th chair while holding office and now his staff member holds the secretary position in the 7th. Duffy has no concept of conflict of interest. This alienation has little to do with Mielke’s strong personality and a lot to do with Duffy’s improprieties with the Republican Party.

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