At Least His Priorities Are in the Right Place


From The Telegraph:

Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, attended a meeting of his local allotment association on Sunday despite the resignation of most of his shadow cabinet.

With the mounting threat of a leadership challenge and open calls for his resignation, Mr Corbyn attended the Annual General Meeting of the East Finchley Lot Association.

In an interview with the Sunday Mirror earlier this year, he said: “I enjoy growing things in my allotment and garden. This year the maize has done very well. It’s been a great year for maize.”

He also grows beans and pumpkins and uses fruit from the plot to make jam which he gives to friends and family.

Mr Corbyn pays about £65 a year for the rectangular plot at the allotment site where demand is high with more than 100 people on the waiting list.

A source close to Mr Corbyn confirmed he had attended the allotment association meeting.

Diane Abbott, the shadow health secretary, claimed that Mr Corbyn now has a “great shadow cabinet” and that it had been “rather bloated” before the mass resignation.

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