Comes the Chicken Coop: A Dispatch

Ingham County, MI Here at Dumb-Ass Acres there’s no telling when signs from God are going to drop out of the sky. (If everything that happens to you is worth writing about, then clearly God is deeply… [more]

Comes the Chicken Coop:  A Dispatch Comes the Chicken Coop:  A Dispatch

30 More Years of Rootless Professors

In the thirty years since writer-professor Eric Zencey first published his essay “The Rootless Professors” in the Chronicle of Higher Education, much has changed, and much hasn’t, regarding academe’s… [more]

30 More Years of Rootless Professors 30 More Years of Rootless Professors

The Incredible Industrial Egg

The local library’s inventory reduction sale had progressed over several weeks from a buck a book and a dollar a DVD, to two dollars a flat, and finally to a free for all. There in the dregs was an egg.… [more]

The Incredible Industrial Egg The Incredible Industrial Egg
DH Lawrence Maybe I’ll just take the shortcut between the spirit and the flesh.
honey-wagon Elections are here, but manure-spreading is nothing new.
Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 10.33.19 AM BURNED-OVER DISTRICT, NY - I’m overjoyed that the phiz of that bastard Alexander Hamilton, the father of corporate capitalism, will be removed from the $10 bill he has for so long defaced with his smug mug. I wholeheartedly second my…
Salome-pepe-le-pew-300 To quote the apostle: And what shall I more say?
Gronlund-What-Do-We-Want-to-Save-in-Palmyra-690 The fact that the chattering classes outraged by ISIS’s atrocities would unleash the latter-day centurions of the air so eagerly, while leashing ordinary people so cavalierly, should give pause to those of us suspicious of the modern state and jealous of society’s spaces.
Pepe Le Pew 3 (Small)(1) Nor will I allow myself the fantasy a week hence.
Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 12.45.52 PM A cleric with the ear of Pope Francis recently sent Catholic defenders of free markets into a tizzy. At a press conference, Cardinal Oscar Rodriquez Maradiaga of Honduras tossed out this pithy jab: The ideology surrounding environmental issues is too…
Busto di Solone (640 a.C ca-560 a.C ca), marmo The Greeks were funny. We don’t usually think of them that way; we think of them as marbled patriarchs in togas, Really Important Men We Revere for Some Reason. Admittedly, we don’t usually think of them at all these days;…
8509919-Samuel-Johnson-1709-1784-on-engraving-from-the-1800s-English-author-who-made-lasting-contributions-t-Stock-Photo Give away a third of your wealth.
Graduation-Quotes-13 Holland, MI It is graduation season. On campuses across the country graduates will be subject to the last compulsory and least remarkable rite of passage: the commencement address. By my calculations I have attended nearly 30 graduation ceremonies. Of the…