Give Me the Local Color

Ingham County, MI If you’ll stop watching Friends and start making them, if you’ll turn down the volume on the purveyors of voluminous but distant and useless news, if you’ll ignore the Technicolor… [more]

Give Me the Local Color Give Me the Local Color

How Equality Makes Us Better (and Stupid)

Hidden Springs Lane. The concept of equality lies at the heart of the American system. School children learn by heart (or used to) those memorable lines from the Declaration of Independence: “We hold… [more]

How Equality Makes Us Better (and Stupid) How Equality Makes Us Better (and Stupid)

Dollarocracy: Money-Power, Media-Framed Elections and Inequality

When searching for semi-precious stones, one must at times loosen jewels from the mineral deposits in which they’re locked.  This consideration applies to books as well as nature’s treasures.  One… [more]

Dollarocracy: Money-Power, Media-Framed Elections and Inequality Dollarocracy: Money-Power, Media-Framed Elections and Inequality

I’m cheaper than I am smart.

hemp bound

From the perspective of a patriotic American who’s just researched hemp’s potential from Canada to Hawaii, Germany to Colorado, things are moving from fantasy to reality so quickly that it’s kind of making me believe in a societal version of…


You’d have to call this job rebarbative.

Mary Berry (Wendell’s daughter, and an occasional contributor here) has founded The Berry Center to continue her family’s work to buttress the economic well-being of small farmers, and the organization has pushed forward with its programs very quickly.
You can read about…

defend equality

Hidden Springs Lane. Rod Dreher has recently been pointing out (for example here) the various ways that those who voice public opposition to certain positions (especially gay marriage) are routinely denied their right to voice an opinion. The freedom to…


AM radio shouts at me, first the nut-jobs on the right, then the nut-jobs on the left.

Andy Warhol

As Mary Eberstadt has recently pointed out over at First Things…, evidence is accumulating that the current day usage of pornography is taking a toll on marriages and families. And, as Reinhard Hutter later added in a different FT


Hidden Springs Lane…. It’s not easy being a localist. Vladimir Putin has taken Crimea and many in the West are afraid that he has designs on the rest of Ukraine and perhaps beyond. A Malaysian 777 has disappeared without


I once knew a woman who met Chesterton. It was a brief meeting in the 1920s when she was a girl of about ten or so. Her older sister invited her to go into London to hear the great man…

bee hive

Hidden Springs Lane.… In the spring of 2012, I started keeping bees. The first thing to notice is that people do not raise bees or herd bees. In fact, one does not compel bees to do much of anything. One