Past FPR Conferences

2024–Join us this October in Grand Rapids!

2023–Living as Humans in a Machine Age, at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Keynote: Paul Kingsnorth. (Video recordings of all sessions.)

2022–After Virtual: The Art of Recovering Lost Goods, at Grove City College. Keynote: Chris Arnade. (Video recordings of all sessions.)

2019—The Legacy of Wendell Berry, at the University of Louisville. Keynote: Wendell and Mary Berry. (Video recordings of all sessions.)

2018—1968 Fifty Years Later: A Re-Evaluation, at Spring Arbor University. Keynote: David Bosworth.

2017—Localism and the Professions, at Hope College. Keynote: Charles Marohn.

2016—Populism, Power, and Place, at Notre Dame University. Keynote: Patrick Deneen.

2015—Sustainable Localism: Sages, Prophets, and Jesters, at the State University College at Geneseo. Keynote: James Howard Kunstler.

2014—Making a Home Fit for Humans: Localism Beyond Food, at the University of Louisville. Keynote: Wendell Berry.

2013—City People, Country People: Being a Localist in the Megalopolis, at Pomona College. Keynote: Dana Gioia.

2012—Small Enough to Succeed, at Hope College. Keynote: Eric Jacobsen.

2011—Human Scale and the Human Good: Creating Healthy Communities in a Global Age, at Mount St. Mary’s University. Keynote: Bill Kauffman. (Video recordings of all sessions.)