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From Culture Warriors to Agrarians

Can the rest of us afford such inaction? Yes—and that’s the point. For the travesty of modernity is its constant demand—from left or right—for action, control, and efficiency. But the first step into an agrarian attitude is to step back from such demands.

The Epic England Never Had: A Review of eÞanðun

But I reckon that eÞanðun can mix with Beowulf and Paradise Lost and not feel out of place.

Chicago Style Citation: False Futures and Utopias

The Chicago Manual of Style is not to blame for any of these trends. The editors’ decision does not shape as much as reflect our culture.

The Final Prayer of Jim Barry  

—it took 40 years for me to begin to realize these words Jim silently put into my hands on that last day of class were a prayer.

A Garden of Children

If you understand that a child’s growth comes from a spark within, just as does the growth of a flower, a crystal, or a mighty oak, you might take a more trusting view of a child’s growth.

Medicine Wheel for the Planet: A Review

There ought not be unnecessary opposition between Indigenous and Christian perspectives. The creative work of caring for our ecology is hard enough; let us not also misunderstand one another.

The AI Mousetrap

AI promises free cheese, but there is no such thing as a free lunch. Although we often boast about AI’s ability to create, we should instead focus the conversation on the kind of society AI produces.

My Failed Wild Garden and Inner Utopian

Rational ideas create hell on earth. Just ask a kulak. Or just ask the lettuce plants in my garden.

Working for the Life Beyond Words

In his brief and not altogether satisfying rejoinder to the question, “why write?” Berry says, “To serve that triumph I have done all the rest,” and he ends the poem there. “That triumph” is the triumph of the way of love, the life of silence.

The Liberal Arts: Take it or Leave it

Let’s point to the wiser and the well off and ask people if they want what those people have–often they do. Many times, those people have a love for the liberal arts.