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6.1 John Lukacs

Table of Contents

From the Editor by Jason Peters

A Surprising Friendship by Wendell Berry

Democracy without Temperance: John Lukacs and the Challenge of Populism by Michael P. Federici

The Impressionist by Jeremy Beer

John Lukacs, Localist by Richard M. Gamble

"Palo Duro Canyon Rima" and "Core Hole 112 on the Waddell Lease" by Seth Wieck (poems)

The Historian as Statesman: Lukacs on Churchill by Michael Lucchese

The Historian as a Man of Letters by Jeff Nelson

David James Duncan's Wounded Healers by Jeffrey Bilbro

Hey, Bill! by Wilfred McClay (in conversation)

5.2 Friendship

Table of Contents

From the Editor by Jason Peters

An Education in Friendship by Wendell Berry

Place, Proximity, and Friendship: A Tribute by Jason Peters

"The Difficulty of Talking about Color" and "Late Evening Walk" by John M. Ballenger (poems)

Friendship: The Secret Appointment of Heaven by Jeff Polet

Waitin' on a Friend by Bill Kauffman

Friends in High Places by Susan McWilliams Barndt

"Crows in the Pecan Tree" by Madeleine Austin (poem)

Friendship and Memory in the Civil War Poems of Whitman and Melville by Kelly Scott Franklin

Ties that Bind, a Review of Properties of Blood by Katherine Dalton

Involuntary Society, a Review of The Banshees of Inisherin by Michial Farmer

Truth North, a Review of North Country by Will Hoyt

Hey, David! by David Bosworth (in conversation)

5.1 Food and Drink

Table of Contents

From the Editor by Jason Peters

Mr. Ramos's Iconic Fizz by John Shelton Reed

Wishing it Could Always be So: Broussard Street Hospitality in South Louisiana by Elizabeth Corey

Until I Cross Water; or, Hot Boudin, Cold Coush-Coush by Brian Miller

Eating Our Way Home in Kentucky by Katherine Dalton

"To Michelle Elizabeth" and "Untitled" (poems) by J. Michael Thompson

Hippy Hippy Shake, Being a Short Dissertation on the Glories of the Cocktail by Jeff Polet

Two Cheers for Hunting by Michael P. Foley

"Kite" (poem) by Patrick B. Whalen

Where at Least a Few People Know Your Name by Bill Kauffman

Putting a Stable Economy Under Good Farming: Our Home Place Meats and the Problem of Parity Pricing by Mary Berry

Book Review of The Good Country: A History of the American Midwest, 1800-1900 by Dedra McDonald Birzer

Book Review of Agrarian Spirit: Cultivating Faith, Community and the Land by Katherine Dalton

4.2 Sir Roger Scruton

Table of Contents

From the Editor by Jason Peters

“The Coffin in which They Imagine God’s Corpse to Lie”: Roger Scruton and the Problem of Atheism by Mark Dooley

“The Ninth” and “Brannock’s Vision” (poems) by Steve Knepper

Roger Scruton, Agrarian by Allan Carlson

Out of the Ordinary: Roger Scruton on Wine and Beauty by Jeff Polet

Roger Scruton: Faith Amid the Ashes by Fr. Gregory Hogg

Roger Scruton’s Aesthetics by Roman Bonzon

“St. Joseph of Cupertino” and "Education in the Humanities” (poems) by Kelly Scott Franklin

“History is Now and England”: Roger Scruton and the Beauty of Oikophilia by Mark Mitchell

Music and Our Cultural Decline: Roger Scruton’s Conservative Response by David Corey

Roger Scruton’s New Urbanist Adventure by D. G. Hart

Book Review: For the Life of the World A Catechism of Nature: Meditations on Creation’s Primary Realities by Richard Rankin Russell

Book Review: Do No Harm by Adam Smith

“How to Be a Thought-Leader (a business plan)” (poem) by Jeffrey Bilbro

4.1 Civil Dissent

Table of Contents

From the Editor by Jason Peters

Why I am Not Buying a Smartphone by Jeff Bilbro

Into the Whirlpool: Is Secession a Solution to Our Woes? by Robert Elder

Three Responses by Allan Carlson, Jeff Polet, and Michael P. Federici

“The Quiet,” “Achilles,” and “After Coal” (poems) by John M. Ballenger

Why Were the Luddites Against the Future? by Kirkpatrick Sale

My Covid-19 Secession by James Howard Kunstler

Lost and Found: A Tale of Two Cultures by Rory Groves

“Snow Geese” (poem) by David Lyle Jeffrey

Exiting the World Hospital by Adam Smith

Candlelight Witness: Obedience and the Monastic Option by Fr. Cosmos

Eric Gill and the Integrity of Work by Wendell Berry

The Arts of Painting and Living by Jeffrey Bilbro

Impoverishing Ourselves to Get the Job Done by Felicia Wu Song

Winning the Hearts, and Votes, of Rural America by Bill Leuders

Hey, Paul! by Paul Kingsnorth (In Conversation)

3.2 The Higher Ed Issue

Table of Contents

From the Editor by Jason Peters

Of Justice and Jargon: A Chronicle of Higher Education; Or, They Never Told Me I Could Think Like That by Jeff Polet

"A Founding Grace" and "Jacoby Falls" (poems) by Eric Taylor

Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Western Civ Has Got to Go; Or a Case for Local History by Allan C. Carlson

Meeting a Friend: Notes on a Campus Strike by Susan McWilliams Barndt

"Gift" (poem) by Matthew Faller

Nietzche and the Rage for Equality by Roman Bonzon

Not Civics, Not Citizenship, but Hell: Classical Political Theory and its Broader Sensibilities by John Seery

"A Response to Christopher Marlowe's Shephered" (poem) by Eve Ruotsinoja

The Place of Higher Education and Higher Education in Place by Mark T. Mitchell

Book Review: On Barbecue by Jason Peters

Book Review: The Restless and Relentless Mind of Wes Jackson by Paul Schellinger

Hey, Brad! by Bradley J. Birzer (in conversation)

3.1 The Arts of Region and Place

Table of Contents

From the Editor by Jason Peters

Reading and Writing the Lake District by Jeffrey Bilbro

Erasing the Art of Our Imperfect Past by Katherine Dalton

Sabbath Poems 2017 by Wendell Berry

DIY Local Music by David Heddendorf

“Not a Question of Choice”: Freedom, Identity, and Place in Willa Cather’s O Pioneers! by Rachel B. Griffis

Singing About Architecture: The Jayhawks and Minnesota by Michial Farmer

"The Tale of Loch Inn" (poem) by Andreas Hibernicus

Wallace Stegner and The Arts of Place Where There is No Place by Matt Stewart

Notes on Deep America: A Review of Benjamin Moser’s Sontag: Her Life and Work by Jon Lauck

Hey, Bill! by Bill Kauffman (in conversation)

2.2 Christopher Lasch

Table of Contents

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From the Editor by Jason Peters

Revolt of the Elite, Revenge of the Resentful by David Bosworth

Cristopher Lasch's Last Book by Wilfred M. McClay

A Better Stand: Christopher Lasch, Wendell Berry, and Populist Hope by Eric Miller

Christopher Lasch: Death and Dying in a Front Porch Republic by Robert Westbrook

"Noblesse Oblige" (poem) by David Wright

Limits, Risk Aversion, and Technocracy by Jeremy Beer

Christopher Lasch's Christian Roommate (John Updike) and Ideas of Religious Culture by David Crowe

A Tribute to Christopher Lasch, the Undergraduate Teacher by Robert Westbrook

A Peek in the Window: Reminiscences About My Father by Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn

Hey, Bill! by Bill Kauffman (in conversation)

2.1 Distributism

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Table of Contents

From the Editor by Jason Peters

Distributism: A Short History by Allan C. Carlson

Equity and Equilibrium: The Political Economy of Distributism by John C. Médaille

Distributist Aesthetics in G.K. Chesterton's The Flying Inn by Cameron Moore

"Trees" and "Virtue of Tools" (poems) by Jeffrey Bilbro

Catholic Social Doctrine and Herbert Agar's Distributist-Agrarian "Alliance" by James Matthew Wilson

"The Advent of Sadie Miller," "At Sadie Miller's Wake," and "Lawson Miller's Christmas" (poems) by David Lyle Jeffrey

The Problem of Eric Gill by Jeffrey Polet

The Violence at the Heart, Reflections on the Agrarian Metaphor by John V. Glass III

Hilaire Belloc's Distributism: A Commitment to Place by Ryan Hanning

1.1 Wendell Berry

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Table of Contents

From the Editor by Jason Peters

Putting Two Things Back Together by Jeffrey Bilbro

"The Hermit as Work of Art," "Riddle," and "Current" (poems) by Sally Thomas

The Making of Look and See: An Interview with Laura Dunn by Laura Dunn and Jason Peters

"Verse Letter to John" (poem) by James Matthew Wilson

Berry Has a Point by Darryl Hart

By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them: On the Species by Jeffrey Polet

The Mad Farmer’s Gay Liberation Front? Wendell Berry on Same-sex Marriage by Scott H. Moore

Marriage, Community, and Provision by Russell Arben Fox

On the Limits of Flesh and Spirit and Our Debt to Wendell Berry by Jason Peters