Can the rest of us afford such inaction? Yes—and that’s the point. For the travesty of modernity is its constant demand—from left or right—for action, control, and efficiency. But the first step into an agrarian attitude is to step back from such demands.

The Consolation of Silence

Your presence is needed. Hush. Stay. Show your love by letting them grieve.

The Epic England Never Had: A Review of eÞanðun

But I reckon that eÞanðun can mix with Beowulf and Paradise Lost and not feel out of place.

Chicago Style Citation: False Futures and Utopias

The Chicago Manual of Style is not to blame for any of these trends. The editors’ decision does not shape as much as reflect our culture.

The Wild of God in Waterloo Township, Michigan

I found it to be profound and moving, the work of an author who is not lost in flights of fancy but who is deeply receptive to the world and its God.

It Takes a Lot of Tape to Raise Kids

Behind this type of play, though, is a genuine longing for beauty—a desire not only to appreciate the beautiful things one has seen or read or heard, but also to attempt to replicate them somehow.

Grief in Eternity

Yet at times, if only for a moment, I feel the shadow over my days is transformed into pure spirit. Such thoughts give me a surprising sense of quiet joy.

The Census Taker in a Church Pew, part 6

This rural mountain church continues to be good because it continues to do what is necessary.

The Final Prayer of Jim Barry  

—it took 40 years for me to begin to realize these words Jim silently put into my hands on that last day of class were a prayer.

Remembering Family History: A Mess, a Murderer, and a Matriarch

Knowing your family’s past fugitives and pretty boys is the kind of localism anyone can aspire toward and practice.

Great Balls of Fire

With a clear sky above us, no one restricting our movements, we learned—sometimes flailingly, like chickens with our heads cut off—how to marvel.

A SNOOT’s Dream Deferred: A Review of Dictionary of Fine Distinctions

I suppose when it comes to discussions of the English language, I prefer sterner stuff.

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