Pedestrian Pleasures

“Why do need to go to the Holy Land? You have an altar in your church?”

Culture and the Front Porch

What is culture? What hath attachment to do with culture? Why are front porches necessary for culture?

Time and Place in Eugene Vodolazkin’s Imagination

We occupants of the Porch can profitably read Vodolazkin in light of our own concern to acknowledge human limitations and find ways to live well and more fully in our own communities.

The Most Polarized Era Ever?

In selecting reading material, the average reader might not immediately reach for a book about Congress in the nineteenth century. That would...

Imagining Humane (Household) Economies

Hirschfeld’s assessment of what we as Christians should and should not accept in mainstream economics, informed by her training in both economics and theology, is thus a most welcome resource.

On Being Watched, and Remembered

“Don’t take my gun, Nightlife!” Tol called, trying to sound not too much concerned, and yet unable to keep the tone of...

The Monkey in the Margin: History, Tradition, and Transgression

he early scholastic notion of revelation was more dynamic than the modern one. Revelation does not occur, in the medieval understanding, once...

Robo-umps and Us

As is so often the case when new technology promises to correct the errors of human fallibility, robo-umps could be bad for everyone involved.

The Yankee Southern Agrarian

Wendell Berry, while still writing more than most of us, is squarely in the awards and laurels...

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Telling the Stories Right

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Free Yourself from the Telescopic Morality Machine

There is one version of the history of modern media that is a story primarily about a drug, developed to make its users feel...

What You Need to Know About John Lukacs

John Lukacs (1924-) is one of the last great narrative historians, to be numbered among Jacques Gibbon, Jacques Barzun, George Kennan and Samuel A. Huntington....

An Apologia for Tiger Woods

The rise and fall of Tiger Woods leads to a brief meditation both on beauty and virtue.