American Conservatism, and the Socialist Specter Which Haunts It Still

Back in February, Rod Dreher shared with his readers an idea for a...

The Power of Place

Review of “The Power of Place: KU Alumni Artists” at the Spencer Museum of Art in Lawrence, KS. The exhibit runs through...

The Promise of the Green New Deal

For all its current weaknesses, the GND is an effort to “solve for pattern” as Wendell Berry recommends.

Being Present on the Porch

I was not on board the FPR train early enough to be considered one of its engineers. I met Mark Mitchell at...

And Then Begin Again With What Remains: A 10-Year FPR Retrospective

On the tenth anniversary of FPR we must admit a little sadly that we’re still relevant.

Front Porch Republic at 10

Hidden Springs Lane, VA In the spring of 2009, when the economic crisis of the previous year was continuing...

The Original Front Porch

This month marks the 10th anniversary of the Front Porch Republic. To honor the occasion, we'll be running a few essays by...

Feeding the World from the Bottom Up

It is natural and normal, when looking at big problems, to look for big answers. Problems do...

The Green New Deal Comes Home

The risks associated with global warming are real, if chronically overstated by many on the left, and the response will require a soberness that is sorely lacking across the political spectrum.

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The Local Game

The baseball season has ended. For fans just about everywhere outside of Boston, this will signal either melancholy or relief. Or possibly disgust. Melancholy...

Why I Am Not a Foodie

Guess what's for dinner.

The Greatest Forgotten Player

PHOENIX, ARIZONA. Today is opening day, and how sweet it is. But nine days from now comes the most annoying day on the Major...