A Christmas Tree You Don’t Know Beans About

The locust tree is a rare symbol of Christmas and Easter as one.

Tenacious T: One Man’s Odyssey to Help Rural People

Thompson illustrates how rural people’s hopes do not align with the interests of those who wield power, be that power political, social, or economic. He teaches us that truth, fact, and reason are often not a part of the American experience for rural people.

The Pleasures of a Liturgical Calendar of Reading

The day after Thanksgiving yields a joy of three parts. The first joy is that of an introvert newly restored to peace...

The Beauty of the Unexpected

This year an unexpected autumn snow blanketed our farm.  In the days that followed, single-digit temperatures secured its place in the landscape,...

Heaven Hath Limits

The Prior of the Upstate New York Abbey where I work often describes his cloistered life by using the phrase “living within...

What Is Your Vote?

I’m not asking what candidate you support. What I am asking you to consider is what does your vote constitute?

The Local Barber

I recently visited a barber in my Virginian hometown whom I had not patronized in more than a year (I’d taken to...

The Agrarian’s Soul and the Gardener’s Art: Liberty Hyde Bailey Gardener’s Companion

I have no doubt this collection would delight Bailey, dandelions and all. Selecting and anthologizing the work of a writer-scholar as prolific as this is a labor of love as much as caretaking, stewarding, gardening, weeding, and pruning.

Presidential Politics: Pseudo Choices and a Third Party Worth Considering

The 2020 presidential election cycle has been in full swing for months now, and we are still almost a year away from...

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Contemplation and the Empire of Desire

Philadelphia, PA R. R. Reno of First Things has recently identified the “Empire of Desire” by its odd combination of regulation and libertinism. On the...

The Grinch Who Moved Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving---or pre-Christmas, as it is known in marketing circles---is upon us, and between reading Truman Capote ("A Thanksgiving Visitor") and Lydia Maria Child ("Thanksgiving...

The Fall of the Wall

In my misspent youth, I was a politician. And in my role as a politician, I did all the things that politicians do. Well,...