The Stump

Chicago Style Citation: False Futures and Utopias

The Chicago Manual of Style is not to blame for any of these trends. The editors’ decision does not shape as much as reflect our culture.

The AI Mousetrap

AI promises free cheese, but there is no such thing as a free lunch. Although we often boast about AI’s ability to create, we should instead focus the conversation on the kind of society AI produces.

Against the Florida-fication of the World

And this progression from the raw, unabated natural Florida to the ever-more artificial Florida, has grave consequences for both the geographical locale and the people who inhabit it.

The False Promise of 3D Printers

As is clear to see, Business Insider's portrayal of 3D printing as a panacea for America's housing crisis falls short upon closer examination.

Toward a Politics of Beauty

This talk was delivered earlier this year at a conference on wellbeing held at the Sorbonne.

On the Need to Reactivate Our Right Hemispheres

In our daily lives, we need activities that aren’t driven by our left hemispheres. We need leisure (as understood by Josef Pieper). We need to waste time. We need to do nothing . . . a thing that rankles the left hemisphere’s productive disposition.

Modern Architecture: Designed to Demoralize?

Arched doorways, private courtyards, personal craftsmanship, a sense of place, and almost everything else we love about buildings has been taken away by the modernist ethos intent on depriving the public of a choice, as architects are left unchecked to focus more on how their buildings look in magazines than on how the people using them feel.

A Passage to — and a Message from — India

What We Can Learn from a Society Where Community Still Matters

Do our products own us?

Dodging deceptive design in the age of Big everything

Will No One Rid Me Of These Meddlesome -Isms: Thinking and...

Human liberty is indeed a good. But liberty is the freedom to choose well, not just freedom from restraints.