The White House is getting a garden.  Will this inspire millions to do the same? Will Obama pull his own weeds? Can a First Chicken Coop be far behind?

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Mark T. Mitchell
Mark T. Mitchell teaches political theory at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, VA. He is the author Michael Polanyi: The Art of Knowing and The Politics of Gratitude: Scale, Place, and Community in a Global Age (Potomac Books, 2012). He is co-editor of another book titled, The Humane Vision of Wendell Berry. Currently he is writing a book on private property. In 2008-9, while on sabbatical at Princeton University, he and Jeremy Beer hatched a plan to start a website dedicated to political decentralism, economic localism, and cultural regionalism. A group of like-minded people quickly formed around these ideas, and in March 2009, FPR was launched. Although he was raised in Montana and still occasionally longs for the west, he lives in Virginia with his wife, three sons and one daughter where they are in the process of turning a few acres into a small farm. See books written by Mark Mitchell.


  1. If our local news radio station is to be believed, Woodrow Wilson raised livestock on the White House lawn.

  2. I believe that reinstituting the White House Garden received a big verbal “stimulus” from Michael Pollan, author of Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food, who, though contacted, was unfortunately passed over for a post in Obama’s administration.

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