Above: The Empire State Building lit red and yellow in honor of sixty years of Chinese Communism.

Below: What is really going on … “Say loud!”


  1. Unfortunately for the red and yellow (and, in a sense, for us), they don’t have much of a choice but to run Barter Town… for now.

  2. Senator McCarthy brought us the theatre of Red-Baiting and the current sideshow gives us Red Dating.

    A moment of silence here for that brilliant Tricky Dick and his sidekick Henry….they gave us the Dixiecrat Southern Strategy and the Opening of China. I only wish the nitwits could have convinced everyone of the efficacy of those hilarious Swiss Guard costumes they wanted on the security detail in the White House….you know, to dignify the ceremony when the Communists come to inspect the Real Estate they own.

    And they say Burlesque is dead.

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