Studies Show the PoMoCons are Wrong

By Patrick J. Deneen for FRONT PORCH REPUBLIC

Well, at least this is the suggestion of the perceptive Jason V. Joseph at “Musings in the Public Square,” who offers a succinct and clarifying summary of the disagreement between the PoMoCons and the Porchers. To quote:

The PoMo Con argument, or hope, is that we can separate modern institutions (Democracy, Capitalism, Science) from modern values (individualism, moral relativism, atheism). If this separation can occur, then these values can be replaced with a more robust understanding of who we are and our place in the cosmos. Harvey Mansfield succinctly summarizes the argument, “John Stuart Mill in the public sphere and Aristotle in the private.”

Front Porcher Patrick Deneen’s counter to this argument is that modern values are wedded to modern institutions so one must either accept or reject the project in toto.

One way to test this question is to look at globalization and immigration issues. Easterners make a distinction similar to the one made by PoMo Cons above. They say yes to modernization (institutions) but no to Westernization (values). Have they been able to do so? Has India, which is a rising economic power, been able to maintain its traditional culture? Have Easterners who have moved to the U.S. been able to instill their values to their children? The early returns do not look good: Bollywood and ABCD’s.

This is one instance in which I take little pleasure in being correct. Well, a little pleasure – mostly at the expense of the PoMoCons.

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