March of the Ciceronians


Calling all academic Porchers, especially those in political science, theory, and philosophy. The following may be of interest. I should add that I can vouch for Dr. Haworth, especially as pertains to the quality of his drinking- and cigar-buddy company. (Anyone interested in joining us for our monthly Porcher night at Magnum’s cigar bar in north Phoenix, just let me know, and I’ll put you on the invite list.)

Letter Requesting Participation:

Dear Colleagues,

My name is Peter Haworth, and I am launching a new interdisciplinary related-group, which will be affiliated with American Political Science Association (APSA). Our group will be called the Ciceronian Society, for Cicero symbolizes both the important republican tradition that opposed a centralizing empire and the rhetorical tradition of criticizing abstract rationalism. Such a society will allow us to control panel formation at the APSA and, hence, ensure that traditionalist and decentralist perspectives get a sufficient venue at the conference, which they currently do not. This presence at the APSA, which is a relatively interdisciplinary professional conference, will allow young traditionalist-minded scholars to develop their CVs. It will also provide an opportunity to develop traditionalist and decentralist thought via facilitating the presenting and critiquing of papers.

To make this effort successful, we need to have 50 persons both sign up as a member of APSA and be willing to sign the application for our Ciceronian Society by our application deadline of August 15th. In lieu of your signature on the Ciceronian Society application, you can simply give me your name and email.  Participation in the Ciceronian Society is free of charge. For those of you who are not political scientists, you can register as an APSA member for approximately $56.

Please contact me about your interest. My email is peterhaworth[at], and my phone is 602-820-5343.

Best Regards,

Peter Haworth, Ph.D.

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