Breaking News: People Still Live in Small Towns

By Patrick J. Deneen for FRONT PORCH REPUBLIC

… and apparently like it.

Here’s a lovely article about the small town of Husser, LA. What’s remarkable about this story is that it was deemed sufficiently newsworthy to justify several inch’s space in the Hammond Star newspaper. Not too long ago, it would have been so unexceptional an experience of the average American that it would not have merited coverage (just as today, the building of a new subdivision is rarely worth mentioning).

What makes the story particularly noteworthy is the fact that Husser still survives in spite of government efforts to eliminate its existence (the name “Stalin” came to mind when I read the following passage):

“Everything was self-contained,” he said. “Everyone raised their own sheep or cows and maintained their own crops.”

Everyone had a dairy, including his parents, Morris said, and he remembers waking up at 2 a.m. to milk cows, can the milk and set it at the milk plant twice a day.

After the dairy was taken care of, Morris picked cotton in the field and cleaned the barn before going to the one-room Husser schoolhouse.

The dairy farms were the main source of livelihood until 10 years ago when the government intervened and bought the farms, he said.

“All the cows were sent to a slaughterhouse and people had to find jobs elsewhere,” he said. “Now there’s only one dairy farm left I can think of. It’s hard to imagine what people put up with.”

After the farms were sold, some people left Husser to find jobs in cities, and others came into Husser to buy land.

Good for business. Good for the GDP. Bad for Husser. The fact that it still exists – and people like to live there – is indeed newsworthy.

(H/T, our friends and Louisiana men, Rod Dreher and Ken Bickford)

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