Wilson’s Picket

Wherein we go hopping down Bunny’s trail: www.amconmag.com/blog/wilsons-picket/

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  1. Rob G:

    Good timing, as I just ordered a copy of ‘Patriotic Gore’ earlier this week, after finishing Fussell’s ‘The Great War and Modern Memory.’ I was hoping that Wilson would provide something along similar lines except about the C.W. Seems like that might be accurate.

  2. love the girls:

    “spent his final years as an exile at home . . .
    . . . The editors of the ironically named Life denounced Wilson for his “crotchety hogwash.” American Heritage refused to run a favorable notice by Daniel Aaron.”

    “crotchety hogwash” and unfavorable reviews. That is rather severe. And being Americans we do suffer much more acutely, and so those little heartaches of life are to us equal to banishment to the gulags of Siberia.

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