A New FPR Series

We are pleased to announce that John Schwenkler has joined our merry band and has agreed to edit an on-going series titled “The View From Your Front Porch.” The first entry is the view from his own porch. Here’s how he describes the series: “Want to share a portrait of life in your community, no matter how plain or quotidian? E-mail a photograph of the view from – not of – your front porch to [email protected], together with a written reflection of no more than 250 words. Writing may be lightly edited. We’ll gladly withhold your name if you ask us to.”

We welcome John to the Porch. Please send him your photos and reflections about your place.

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  1. cool:

    A nice derivation on Sullivan’s “View From Your Window Series”

  2. Joshua Lore:

    “A nice derivation on Sullivan’s ‘View From Your Window Series’”

    Yes! Sullivan is also a frequenter of the Porch, so I’m sure he’ll enjoy this…

    I know I’m looking forward to it.

  3. Russell Arben Fox:

    John, it’ll be a delight to read your thoughts regularly again! The blogosphere has missed you.

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