A Jeffersonian Kansas

By Mark T. Mitchell for FRONT PORCH REPUBLIC

Here is an article describing how Kansas is leading the way toward a less centralized future.

The “revolution in a cornfield” that is happening today in Gov. Sam Brownback’s Kansas is potentially as important as what happened here in 1776. Because in the last two years the states have learned that they don’t have to do what the federal government tells them to do. They can think for themselves and govern themselves, just as Dorothy promised. As The Washington Post reports with an excellent article today titled “In Kansas, Gov. Sam Brownback puts tea party tenets into action with sharp cuts”: “If you want to know what a Tea Party America might look like, there is no place like Kansas. In the past year, three state agencies have been abolished and 2,050 jobs have been cut. Funding for schools, social services and the arts have been slashed. The new Republican governor rejected a $31.5 million federal grant for a new health-insurance exchange because he opposes President Obama’s healthcare law. And that’s just the small stuff.”

These changes may help shake up politics at the national level as well.

If Ron Paul wins Iowa — Dorothy Rabinowitz of the The Wall Street Journal, who advocated Gingrich weeks back, this morning declares Paul to be “the best-known propagandist for our enemies” (Surrender Dorothy!) — and he is doing well in New Hampshire, we will have a new party system. One a combo of Dems and Republicans (“No Labels”? Whigs?); Republicans such as George W. Bush and Dems like Obama with the same policies with cosmetic differences. The other a Jeffersonian party in the direction of Gary Johnson, Judge Nap and Ron Paul. Economically this might be seen as a shift in contention from the twins that have ravaged the world for 150 years, Marx and Keynes, to one between Keynes and Hayek. This returns us to our original nature: Hamilton vs. Jefferson.

Kansas may be blazing the trail, but as the federal government shows itself increasingly paralyzed and often inept, other states are sure to follow.

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