Another timely meeting topic from The Philadelphia Society

By Walter Krankheit for FRONT PORCH REPUBLIC


Allow me to take off my reporter hat for just one minute and put on my opinion columnist cap.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been worried for some time that no one — especially no conservatives, and definitely none of our Republican presidential candidates — are talking about the ANTI-AMERICANISM that is running amok abroad AND EVEN HERE AT HOME!

Well, now we can relax: The Philadelphia Society is finally bringing this topic out of the dark corners of public discussion to which it had been relegated. THANK GOD, WHO MADE THIS COUNTRY THE BEST EVER IN THE WORLD AND WHOEVER DOESN’T SAY SO IS A LIAR AND A PLAIN FINK!

Anti-Americanism is really perplexing. It seems to have just come out of nowhere — just like the Anti-Swiss and Anti-Ecuadorean movements that are raging internationally right now. It’s really, really weird.

At any rate, we can all agree that anti-Americanism — by which I mean, ANY CRITICISM OF ANYTHING AMERICA EVER DOES, AT LEAST BY A REPUBLICAN ADMINISTRATION — is based simply in hatred and irrationality. Anyone who is critical of America just hates our freedom, and probably our capitalist economy, too. Heck, The Philadelphia Society’s program implies that they probably hate our families and little platoons, too — and I hadn’t even thought about that. Scary!

That’s why I, for one, am glad that The Philadelphia Society does not have on the program any of those so-called “nonpartisan,” “thinking” conservatives who have written so much on this topic, like John Lukacs, or Andrew Bacevich, or Richard Gamble, or Claes Ryn, or Daniel Larison, or any INGRATES like that WHO PROBABLY HAVEN’T EVEN READ MARK STEYN’S BOOK.

It’s too bad that David Gelernter isn’t on the schedule, since he’s a truly great conservative who taught us that Americanism is the West’s fourth great religion — AND I’LL BE DAMNED IF IT ISN’T THE BEST ONE YET!

I notice that the Association of Former High School Bullies, Arrogant Jocks, and Self-Righteous Goody-Goodies is holding its annual meeting on the same weekend. Their theme is “Why doesn’t anyone accept our Facebook friend requests?” There’s another head-scratcher for you. I’ll tell you what, it’s a crazy world these days….


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