Abbeville Institute’s July 2012 Summer School: “The Greatness of Southern Literature.”

By Peter Daniel Haworth for FRONT PORCH REPUBLIC

Many FPR readers will be interested in a fabulous summer school opportunity being offered by the Abbeville Institute this July (22-27) at Seabrook Island, South Carolina. The program will focus on the Southern Literature. I have listened to one of the Institute’s earlier treatments on this topic, and the lectures were quite excellent. Thus, I highly recommend that FPR readers seriously consider attending. Here is the Abbeville Institute’s announcement concerning the event:




Seabrook Island, South Carolina

July 22-27, 2012


TOPIC: In the long run of history, any civilization is best known by its literature. We could hardly know Rome without Virgil, Elizabethan England without Shakespeare, or 19th century Britain without Austen and Dickens. It may be that in that long run of history, the immensely rich heritage of Southern literature will be seen as the most important and enduring product of America. The South’s great creative writers also illustrate the long-lasting and distinctive culture of the South and preserve what is true and good in that culture.

We continue for the third season the examination of that rich literary heritage. A special event this year will be readings by two of the outstanding Southern poets, David Middleton and James Kibler. Besides Southern poetry, the War between the States novels of William Faulkner, Caroline Gordon, and Shelby Foote will be studied. Attention also will be paid to a number of great Southern writers who are less known and celebrated than they should be: Donald Davidson, George Garrett, Grace King, Cormac McCarthy, Julia Peterkin, Elizabeth Maddox Roberts, Robert Ruark, and Archibald Rutledge.

FACULTY: Clyde Wilson, William Wilson, David Middleton, James Kibler, Randall Ivey, Jack Trotter, Alan Harrelson, and Jerry Salyer.

PLACE: St. Christopher Conference Center, on the beach of beautiful Seabrook Island, South Carolina. We will spend an afternoon at Hampton Plantation (Archibald Rutledge’s home).

COST: The cost of tuition, room, three meals a day, and refreshments for five days is $900 per person for a single, and $725 per person for a double. Scholarships are available for college and graduate students who are encouraged to apply. (If you cannot attend, consider making a contribution to help fund a student) Make checks payable to Abbeville Institute and send to the address below.

INQUIRIES: P.O. Box 10, McClellanville, SC 29458. Phone: (843) 323 0690. [email protected]. See for program and schedule of events.



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