Late last week, Pope Francis gave an interview. Among other things, the Pope defended himself from the charge of being a Marxist.

In other news, Target confirmed this morning that the credit card information of their shoppers has been compromised by data breaches beginning around Black Friday.

Meanwhile, this piece describes how suburban developments are now being designed to work alongside farms. In an idea spring-boarding off of  local food movements, these developments are meant to include livestock, orchards, and farmers markets, among other things. Speaking of local food, it’s interesting to note that the owner of this restaurant grows all the food on his twelve acre property.

On an unrelated note, The Atlantic encourages its readers to appreciate the importance of awe. Although, given that YouTube videos are the first thing that occurs to the author as awe-inspiring, she may need to tweak her definition slightly.

And this Localist Roundup would be incomplete without this piece, imagining Christmas cards written by students of the dismal science.