This piece indicates that President Obama has recently scheduled a meeting with Pope Francis.

Meanwhile, this article describes how food hubs help novice farmers turn a profit, thus encouraging local food.

In other news, this piece (which makes clear from the outset that it opposes the Porcher mindset), worries about the job displacements that may soon result from new technologies. It seems notable that an article with such an entirely uncritical view of ‘progress’ grudgingly admits to these potential problems. Also, this piece claims that oft-quoted “do what you love” sentiment constitutes an oppressive regime.

On a lighter note, this story relieves us by explaining that the formally established notion that happiness was the result of an exact mathematical ratio has been discredited.


  1. One of the things that writers of articles like that one in the Economist don’t address is how we will produce all of the energy underpinning all of the new technologies. There is an unstated assumption of unrestricted access to abundant, cheap energy. Well, energy, food and water. I am not certain those are good assumptions to make. Things are getting squirrelly, and I think it’s sensible to expect more volatility in those sectors of the economy, which in turn means to me resiliency will be where folks start to migrate.

    Then again, I thought betamax was going to be the future of home video, so, you know.

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