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Dear Reader,

FPR is a labor of love for most of us associated with it. We believe deeply in the ideas of place, limits, and liberty and their essential relationship to human flourishing. Running a website such as this, however, and trying to insure it has good content that keeps readers returning requires more than love, however. Won’t you please consider a donation to FPR to help us maintain and even improve our website? If it’s actually incentive for anyone out there, I will take any donor out for a local beer, should they find themselves in West Michigan.

Contributions to FPR are tax-deductible, and are received with much gratitude. We appreciate your consideration of this request. You can use the paypal link on this page to send your donation, or send a check to:

Jeff Polet, Department of Political Science, Hope College, Holland MI 49423


Jeff Polet (on behalf of the Board)

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