Orwell and Huxley, Together Again: ‘The Interview’ and our Culture of Distraction

By now you’ve already forgotten last month’s most important celebrity cause, namely the embodiment of freedom of expression known as The Interview. Hollywood has too, of course. It's so 2014. Even… [more]

Orwell and Huxley, Together Again: ‘The Interview’ and our Culture of Distraction Orwell and Huxley, Together Again: 'The Interview' and our Culture of Distraction

A Culture of Millstones

Louisville, Kentucky.  I don't know what kind of things your children learn in church, but over the last several years mine have been introduced to the terms “pole dancing,” “harlot,” “cutting,”… [more]

A Culture of Millstones A Culture of Millstones

Christmas Comes But Once a Year; Or, Books to Buy Next Christmas

Philadelphia, PA R. J. Snell A slow thinker and slower writer—some might say the reverse—I’ve been chewing over the Christmas season for the past few days, a remembrance of things past. The… [more]

Christmas Comes But Once a Year; Or, Books to Buy Next Christmas Christmas Comes But Once a Year; Or, Books to Buy Next Christmas
philosophers-simpsons1 If you want to write worse than the average undergraduate male, consider philosophy.
[Cross-posted to In Medias Res] Wichita, KS, is the home to a wonderful bookstore, Eighth Day Books. (Which isn’t my favorite bookstore in Wichita, but that’s partly because my wife works at its primary rival.) One of the main reasons…
4340071721_76648ae13e_b “[T]he city as World icon is being destroyed, not by being secularized (it was always secular at base with some sacral potencies shooting through it from every angle) but by being radically profaned. The city has become the playground not…
JoshLyman A few years ago, Josh Lyman spoke at Harvard to a packed room of starstruck student politicos. It wasn’t the real Josh Lyman, of course, because he isn’t real: he was the fictional Deputy Chief of Staff played by Bradley…
Protecting Marian devotion remains stubbornly enduring.
4310111594_6b59aa2bc4_b The path out of childhood often feels like one of the moving walkways you see in airports; there is a single direction you are being pushed in, and you are flanked by barriers on either side to keep your from…
What can Plato teach us about and in the modern multiversity?
[Cross-posted to In Medias Res] Would I read Charlie Hebdo? (Assuming I could read French, that is.) Would I want anyone in my family to read it? Would I want it to be available at my daughters’ elementary school…
QuickSign_S1007 In attempting to keep certain questions open, I’m closed-minded by default.
New Year My own concentration has been tested by an even greater distraction.

Phenomenal Ben Carson and the Consequential Richard Weaver

December 26, 2014
“Ben Carson: Political Phenomenon.”  That gushing headline, at CNN.com of all virtual places, was followed by a puff piece of epic proportions.  Of course, with a Horatio Alger worthy biography (Carson’s got the award to prove it), it is easy…
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Merry Christmas

December 25, 2014
Holland MI Today, Christians will celebrate the birth of Christ. Commenters on these pages have in the past noted some tensions between the Porch’s localist themes and the universalist themes of Christianity; between our sense of place and a strain…
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Christmas Greetings from Mordor

8366779770_7a35c6f389_z December 24, 2014
As I’m sitting in an office on K Street, emptied for Christmas, wondering how to introduce myself to you all, it occurs to me that I owe you an explanation. It sounds like a bad joke, that an editor at a DC…
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Said the Bar Jester to the Mighty King

mistletoe-photo-vintage December 24, 2014
Don’t be a Scrooge, Mighty King.
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Three Conceptions: Laschian, Romantic, and Immaculate

15843300271_039adcaa7a_h December 22, 2014
Not in entire forgetfulness, And not in utter nakedness, But trailing clouds of glory do we come From God, who is our home – “Intimations of Immortality,” William Wordsworth As adults, do we see the age of childhood as being…
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When Nothing But A Local Newspaper Will Do

8681562255_00bf5fdf63_z December 19, 2014
Recently the city council in my hometown decided we desperately needed a courthouse. Mind you, my hometown is not the state capital. It’s not even the county seat. Florissant is a mid-size working class suburb north of St. Louis with a somewhat steady…
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