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FPR Annual Conference: James Howard Kunstler in Geneseo

May 4, 2015
Join us on October 3 in Geneseo, NY for our fifth annual conference. Our keynote speaker this year will be New York native James Howard Kunstler. This is shaping up to be an outstanding event and one you won’t want…
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The Monday Morning Brass Spittoon: Roundtable on Immigration

December 1, 2014
Our panel discusses immigration policy from a localist perspective.
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Please Consider Giving to FPR

December 19, 2013
Dear readers, For nearly five years, thousands of you have been kind enough, bored enough, or crazy enough to make Front Porch Republic part of your regular web reading. We’ve been gratified by your interest, often enlightened by your commentary,…
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FPR Books: A New Publishing Venture

March 5, 2013
For four years, with the exception of our annual conference, FPR has been primarily a digital venture. But like most reasonably healthy men and women, we crave a physical connection. So as we mark our four-year anniversary, we are pleased…
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A Post-Election Symposium

Photo by AFP/Getty Images November 9, 2012
The following is a series of reflections and ruminations on Decision 2012, courtesy of FPR writers-at-large.  Winnebago County, IL. Following Standard Operating Procedures, Republican bosses in Washington [and their lackeys in the conservative media and think tanks] will blame social…
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Considering the Alternatives: The Editors on the Election

voting November 5, 2012
If Americans don’t vote in record numbers in this year’s election it won’t be because they haven’t been reminded. Bob Schieffer concluded the third debate with an admonishment to vote. Students continue to rock “Rock the Vote” buttons, even if…
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FPR: One Year Old

country mile marker1 March 2, 2010
Today marks the first anniversary of the Front Porch Republic.  Such a milestone provides an opportunity to cast a quick glance back on the year and indicate a bit of what we hope to accomplish in the future. On March…
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