FPR in the Flesh

To further our mission of affirming place, limits, and liberty, we’re introducing a new section to the Front Porch Republic website. FPR in the Flesh provides unique opportunities for you to form in-person relationships with the authors and other readers of Front Porch Republic.

FPR in the Flesh has three branches. Our “Speakers’ Guild” provides possible topics on which our authors are available to speak. “Appearances” lists local venues at which our authors are speaking, lecturing, or leading discussions. “Porches” are locally situated discussion groups where you can join with other FPR readers on a porch near you!

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  1. Dear Sirs,

    I have been involved in the prairie restoration movement in the Chicago area for over 20 years and just moved to central Kentucky. I was told I should find Wendell Berry!

    Saw that he is going to be a speaker at your Fall 2014 Seminar (can’t find more details on this, sorry). Can you give me specific details on that event and also other places or events where I may hear him speak before September? and more info on your “Speaker’s Guild”

    Many thanks
    Lebanon, KY