Dispatches from the Barn Jester and Purveyor of Haufenmist

horse-manure-bruce-ritchie June 17, 2014
Be worthy of your place.
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Common Good Politics: A Review of Nader’s Book

nader book June 16, 2014
In his new book, Ralph Nader argues that the Left and the Right should unite against the economic and political establishment in the Center.
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Vulgar Adolescent Bigness Fetishizers

gulliver-morten16 June 12, 2014
I reflected what a Mortification it must prove to me to appear as inconsiderable in this Nation as one single Lilliputian would be among us.” –Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift Boy oh boy, if I had a dollar for every time…
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Too Much Magic, Part Two

Shell-Now-Interested-in-CO2-Driven-Enhanced-Oil-Recovery-440378-2 June 11, 2014
Face the future with hope.
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Love: Needs, Risks, Opportunities

love_park_philadelphia11 June 9, 2014
Love – it draws out the timeworn clichés and greeting card verse in us, yet it is serious and necessary and hard. Without it, there would be no popular culture; without it, there would be no culture at all. Without…
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Roots Along the River

scioto county June 5, 2014
Historically, the locals have called Pompaples, Switzerland the “milieu du monde.” Not to be confused as a claim about its importance as a cultural or political influence, the title refers to the interesting, well notable, phenomenon of the waters of…
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How Marx Explains the Pomo-Con/Front-Porch Divide, In Four Easy Steps

karlmarxlego June 4, 2014
[Cross-posted to In Medias Res] Via Rod Dreher, I see that the occasionally interesting blog Postmodern Conservative has departed its longtime home at the (often, if not always) theoconservative journal First Things and has relocated to the National Review,…
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“Your Secrets Aren’t Safe With You,” She Says

Cops-and-Donuts June 4, 2014
I don’t want to get banned for life from my own bed.
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Whisky Tales

May 29, 2014
“In a full bottle of whisky are all the aspirations of mankind, and in an empty one are all the failures of man.” Mike Drury As we emerge into adulthood, some of us develop a taste for whisky. The word…
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Too Much Magic: A Half Report

download May 28, 2014
He’s no hack.
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Public Schools, Local Schools, Family Schools

May 23, 2014
[Cross-posted to In Medias Res] Yesterday was the final day of the school year at Peterson Elementary School, the public school which three of our four daughters have attended. It is less than a mile from our home here on…
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Soylent: It’s What’s for Dinner (and Lunch and Breakfast)

soylent meal May 23, 2014
Hidden Springs Lane. What if you never had to worry about food again? Possible answers: 1) Wow! Think of all the time I can save, all the hassle of shopping, cooking, eating, and cleaning. 2) But isn’t food and eating…
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Thoughts on a Graduation Weekend

millennials May 19, 2014
“We have a world bursting with new ideas, new plans, and new hopes.  The world was never so young as it is today, so impatient of old and crusty things.”  So wrote Walter Lippmann in 1912.  Of course, the world…
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Mapping A Melancholy Soul: A Review of Leil Leibovitz’s A Broken Hallelujah: Rock ‘n’ Roll, Redemption, and the Life of Leonard Cohen

broken-hallelujah-liel-leibovitz May 16, 2014
Leonard Cohen occupies an unusual position in popular music history. He is routinely neglected by those “Best of the 60′s” nostalgia-fests you see on VH1, CNN, or PBS, yet when he emerges from seclusion once or twice a decade, he…
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Happy St. Isidore’s Day

Saint Isidore May 15, 2014
In “The Gift of Good Land,” Wendell Berry notes, with a tinge of regret, the largely heroic nature of the stories recorded in the Bible.  “It may, in some ways, be easier to be Samson,” Berry writes, “than to be…
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Settlement (at Last) at Dumb-Ass Acres

morel May 14, 2014
It’s tough being a good Christian these days.
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