A Man’s Home Is His Castle

castle 2 February 3, 2014

Hidden Springs Lane. After too long, I finally got around to watching The Castle… (1997), a film recommended by FPR’s Jeff Polet. It’s a film you probably haven’t heard of let alone seen. It’s an Australian comedy that tells the

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What Happened with the Prick Realtor

sold-sign January 29, 2014

The indignities mount.

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Liberty and Circuits of the Sacred

IMG-20140118-00854 January 28, 2014

A few days ago was the first time I heard Chinese being spoken with a heavy Indian accent.  Given the tenor of our times, one might expect this to have been at some gathering of wheelers and dealers brandishing business…

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Nature, Labor, and a Goat Named Alcibiades

goat-relaxing-on-pasture-1409961-m January 27, 2014

As I cranked the lever I could watch the forest become pasture. I was using a come-along, a simple winch for tightening wire, to run a new fence.  As the fence slowly came into existence, this tiny parcel of the…

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Sometimes a Garden is Just a Garden

old-garden-wheelbarrow-1433783-m January 23, 2014

To the left of our Southern California driveway is a little plot of land, 400-500 square feet. Some homeowners just pave over a space like this, to add another parking spot, or a place for a basketball hoop and room…

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Slow Growth and Living Form

Jean-Baptiste-Camille_Corot_-_Como_and_Lake_Como January 21, 2014

Everything seeks its own perfection or completion, and, moreover, seeks this perfection in a way proper to itself. Since both the end sought and the way of seeking are attuned to the thing’s nature, actions can violate a thing’s integrity…

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In Praise of Mediocrity

200px-Viktor_Hartman January 20, 2014

Berwyn, PA.… Everyone knows G.K. Chesterton’s aphorism that, if a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.  Dappled Things writer Karen Ullo has deepened our understanding of that truth in a new personal essay, where she reflects on the inevitably

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And What Happened After the Codeine Kicked In

moving-truck January 15, 2014

I’m in one of those ridiculous backless hospital gowns.

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Citizens, Traitors, Misanthropes, and Cosmopolitans

January 14, 2014

What is it about the modern world that causes us to forget that every choice comes with a cost?  The answer cannot be that modern men obsess on wish-fulfillment; ancient men had wishes too and obsessed with creating gold out…

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Can We (not) Talk?

large_tomlincry January 13, 2014

Hillsdale, Michigan.…   Patrick Deneen posted a vigorous rejoinder to pro-free market critics of Pope Francis’ apostolic exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium. Deneen’s takedown of Rush Limbaugh got me thinking less about the substance of the pope’s thoughts than about the form –

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What Happened Before the Codeine Kicked In

ankle-screws_09_16_11 January 8, 2014

If it were my ankle, we’d operate.

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There’s Equality, and There’s Equality

valley_usold2 January 6, 2014

In one of my favorite movies, John Ford’s How Green Was My Valley, …a family of coal miners is faced with the prospect of lower wages handed out by the owners of the mine, because the closing of the ironworks

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McClaughry Memoir: The Thousand Points of Light

George_H._W._Bush_inauguration January 3, 2014

The following is the final installment of John McClaughry’s memoir, Promoting Civil Society Among the Heathen.  See the previous chapter here.
8. George H.W. Bush and the Thousand Points of Light
Inheriting the Republican nomination in 1988, vice president  George H.W. Bush…

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Auld Lame Side

power_drill_skeleton_xray-1680x1050 January 1, 2014

This is what we all need now: a deep belly-laugh.

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Real Presences

smart phone December 30, 2013

Hidden Springs Lane.… What’s the deal with Smart Phones? Go to any public gathering and most of the young people (and some of the not-so-young) are clearly more interested in their phones than they are with you. Now right off

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Have Yourselves A Merry Dumb-Ass Christmas Now

images December 25, 2013

We’ll just have to muddle through somehow.

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