On Being a Worthy Heir of the Agrarian Contrarians

666 May 2, 2012

But, as Shakespeare wrote, we sometimes “by indirections find directions out.”

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Luck’s a Chance, But Trouble’s Sure

jed_clampett April 3, 2012

We’re still exercising our certain unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of hypermobility.

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Primary? What Primary? There’s a Tournament on and a Woman to Impress

College-Basketball-021712L_5 March 20, 2012

How about a little one-on-one, full court press?

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To Warm the Frozen Swamp

IMG_5726 March 13, 2012

The hoary wood, its bark curled, practices resurrection.

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Surviving Five O’Clock


There’s nothing the smell of this can’t solve.

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The Bar Jester on Bourbon (during Advent)

bourbon December 7, 2011

You scotch and gin and (gasp!) vodka drinkers may dismiss it. But you should know that you are wrong, wrong, wrong.

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After All, It Almost Rhymes With Bikini

1256833471_martini_1024167 November 30, 2011

And then, at last, as if from an ancient laver of regeneration, I baptize the evening properly.

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Seize the Bacon

BWeave12 November 9, 2011

You’ve heard of pig-in-a-blanket? This is pig-in-a-pig-blanket.

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On the Conversion of Grass and Sunlight; or, Round Steak in a World Gone Mad

cow November 1, 2011

An animal with four stomachs is on its way to mine.

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How the Bar Jester Would Fix America (Warning: It Involves Coercion)

casino-fun1 September 7, 2011

The underpopulated farm and the crowded casino remain for me the enduring emblems of hope and despair, respectively.

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Cool as a Cucumber–In This Heat

Cucumber on vine July 20, 2011

Soon you’ll all be cool as cucumbers–and soon enough as cold as the grave.

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Fatness Shrugged

obesity233 July 13, 2011

There is more work to do. And we could do it.

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Bar Jester Chronicles 14: Contra Diem Patris

fathers_day_graphics_05 June 21, 2011

Ask your raving beauty whether she wants her buns toasted.

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Careful Exegesis and the Au Bleu Ribeye

RibEye1 June 14, 2011

People who cook the flavor out of beef should just eat old shoes.

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Indirect Heat: 1; Miami Heat: 0

pork-tenderloin June 1, 2011

But oh how I loved the days of the Big O.

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How to Cheat on Your Wife in the Kitchen

konriko May 11, 2011

Sneak another mint julep during the replay. Oh lord that’s good!

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