Luck’s a Chance, But Trouble’s Sure Redux

earth-day-urban-farming-chicago_51626_600x450 October 2, 2013
I have bad news.
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Chicken Aioli: What It Is Now

the-creamiest-aioli-646 September 10, 2013
Mr. Freezer, meet Mr. Martini glass.
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Baconations on a Theme

baconweave August 27, 2013
Misery, misery, sonofabitch of all miseries!
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On Killing (Chickens)

rooster August 26, 2013
Hidden Springs Lane. Last weekend the deed was done. Having acquired 25 chicks in the spring (they were free) it soon became clear that this was, as they say, a mixed run. That is, the chicks were not separated by…
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2009_toyota_prius-pic-3163 August 7, 2013
We need only tweak it.
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How to Write History and Practice Bourbon Politics

Carson April 17, 2013
But as a gesture of good faith he agreed to limit himself to a quart a day.
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Well, it’s not like after the Risotto

Seinfeld-Risotto March 12, 2013
First rule: triple the garlic. It’s like irony. There’s no such thing as too much.
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Going to Hell with Huck

LowWaterNew-Inet August 1, 2012
This life is no trick, no accident.
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The Lamb Shank Redemption

194465 June 27, 2012
Behold! A lamb of God, which taketh away the hunger of the day.
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A Lucubration Neither Lugubrious Nor Lubricious; or, A Nocturnal Upon Saint Edward Abbey

Ed-Abbey-The-Journey-Home June 12, 2012
What machine can match a pair of legs?
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Chicken Erotica and the Venus Transit: Who Loses?

300px-Venus_transit_2012_Minneapolis_TLR1 June 5, 2012
No one. But that awaits demonstration.
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Bar Jester Chronicles 18: An Expostulation Upon the Morning B.M.

bloody-mary May 29, 2012
It should be an event of considerable magnitude.
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Why I Am Not an Environmentalist

415xMbW81cL__BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_ May 16, 2012
Too many people who account themselves “green” seem to get caught up in shades of greenness.
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Barbecued Ribs and “The Best That Ever Was!”

IMG_bbq-ribs May 9, 2012
And nowhere is there a goddess more excellently bright.
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On Being a Worthy Heir of the Agrarian Contrarians

666 May 2, 2012
But, as Shakespeare wrote, we sometimes “by indirections find directions out.”
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Luck’s a Chance, But Trouble’s Sure

jed_clampett April 3, 2012
We’re still exercising our certain unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of hypermobility.
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