The first Ciceronian Society Conference will occur at the University of Virginia, March 17-20th. Our panels will examine issues related to Tradition, Place, and ‘Things Divine” within the arts, literature, philosophy, and social/political thought. Participating scholars include the following: Patrick Deneen, Donald Livingston, John Medialle, John Mueller, Jeff Taylor, Ellis West, James Matthew Wilson, Tom Landess, Nathan Coleman, Michael Schwarz, Jerry Slayer, Thomas Storck, William Wilson, Richard Bishirjian, Daniel McCarthy, Kevin Honeycutt, Rex Martin, Joseph Devaney, Lewis McCrary, Dwight Lindley, Coyle Neal, Erik Root, Glenn Moots, Gene Callahan, and Peter Haworth.

Conference panels are open to the public; however, certain space limitations apply. Also, there will be a fee for non-presenting attendees who participate in the group meals (i.e., $150 for the two meals and $75 for one). Dinning seats are limited, so you will need to contact us in advance to reserve a seat. All, however, will be welcome to attend the after dinner lectures. If you are interested in attending the conference, you can contact us at, and we will keep you abreast of further conference details.

Conference Schedule:

Thursday, 3/17:

5:00-6:00- Drink and Greet. Colonnade Hotel- Garden Room

6:00-8:00- Dinner Together. Colonnade Hotel- Garden Room

8:00-9:30- Lecture by Donald Livingston, “The Question of Republicanism and Human Scale.” Colonnade Hotel- Garden Room

Friday, 3/18, Minor Hall, Room 125, 8:00 am – 5:30 pm

9:00-10:30- Traditionalist Critique of Enlightenment Political Thought: Gene Callahan, Dwight Lindley, Coyle Neal, Ryan Holston (Kevin Honeycutt, Discussant)

11:00-12:30- Human Scale and Decentralism: Kevin Honeycutt, Rex Martin, Thomas Stork (Peter Haworth, Discussant)

12:30-2:00- Lunch: On Own

2:00-3:30- Human Scale and The American Experience: Nathan Coleman, Michael Schwarz, Joe Devaney, Joe Feeney (Ellis West, Discussant)

4:00-5:30- Symposium (Roundtable): Economics and Human Nature- John Mueller, David Mitch, Glenn Moots, John Medialle, and William Luckey.

Dinner: On Own

Saturday, 3/19, Ruffner Hall, Room 0004A, 8:00 am — 5:30 pm

8:00-9:30- Traditionalism in Literature and the Arts: Lewis McCrary, Jerry Slayer, Peter Haworth (William Wilson, Discussant) (James Matthew Wilson, Discussant)

10:00-11:30- Traditionalism and Modern Thought: Steve McGuire, Ellis West, Daniel McCarthy (Erik Root, Discussant) (Ryan Holston, Discussant)

11:30-1:30- Lunch: On Own

1:30-3:00- Agrarianism, Place, and Economics I: Jeff Taylor, Thomas Storck, and Glenn Moots (William Wilson, Disussant) (Dwight Lindley)

3:30-5:30- Agrarianism, Place, and Economics II: John Medaille, Patrick Deneen, Richard Bishirjian, and Christopher Anadale (Jeff Taylor, Discussant) (Jeremy Geddert, Discussant)

5:30-6:00- Cocktails. Colonnade Hotel- Garden Room

6:00-8:00- Dinner: Together. Colonnade Hotel- Garden Room

8:00-9:30- Lecture by Tom Landess, “The Agrarians: A Personal Perspective.” Colonnade Hotel- Garden Room

Sunday, 3/20: Depart.



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Peter Daniel Haworth
My name is Peter Haworth, and I am an independent scholar living in Phoenix, Arizona. I received my Ph.D. in Government from Georgetown University in 2008, and I am currently working on various writing projects in American Political Thought. My interests include American Political Development, Traditionalist Thought, Constitutional Law, Southern Americana, Virtue Ethics, Natural Law, Political Theology, and many other topics within the history of political theory. With me in Phoenix is my darling wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Puckett Haworth of Columbus, Mississippi and our son, Peter Randolph Augustine Haworth. My hobbies include voracious reading, minimal gun collecting, and dreaming about our future farm that might be located somewhere in beautiful Mississippi.