FPR Books: A New Publishing Venture


For four years, with the exception of our annual conference, FPR has been primarily a digital venture. But like most reasonably healthy men and women, we crave a physical connection. So as we mark our four-year anniversary, we are pleased to announce the launch of FPR Books.

The sector of the publishing industry devoted to publishing serious books has been shrinking for decades. Of those, hardly any call into question regnant “liberal” and “conservative” political, cultural, and economic assumptions. The few exceptions truly prove the rule.

In its own small but significant way, FPR Books will help fill this gap. Often co-publishing with other presses, FPR Books hopes to publish approximately five titles per year, both new and reprinted titles. Some of the first titles to be published will include Bill Kauffman’s Poetry Night at the Ballpark, and Other Scenes from an Alternative America; Booth Tarkington’s America Moved: Memoirs of Time and Place, 1869-1925 (edited by Jeremy Beer), and a Front Porch Republic “manifesto” edited by Patrick Deneen and Mark T. Mitchell. Titles will be published in both print and e-book formats.

FPR Books will be led by Editor Mark T. Mitchell, Executive Editor Jeremy Beer, Managing Editor Jason Peters, and Associate Editors Kate Dalton, and Jeff Polet. The editorial advisory board, we are very honored to say, includes Andrew Bacevich, Walter McDougall, Allan Carlson, Patrick Deneen, Rod Dreher, Richard Gamble, Bill Kauffman, and Stephen Wrinn, among others.

FPR Books will advance FPR’s mission by publishing significant works on politics, economics, and culture, as well as books that provide practical advice on how to enact and embody a localist ethic. If you would like to propose a project or submit a manuscript for consideration, please write Jason Peters at jpeters@frontporchrepublic.com.

Book-publishing is not a lucrative endeavor, of course — a fact of which we are only too aware! More than ever we need our readers’ support to make this initiative a success. If you would like to support the vital work of FPR Books, please consider making a donation.

Keep an eye out here at the FPR website for further announcements and the advent of our books section. And thanks again for reading!


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