Free Markets, Transhumanism, and Populism

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On the Experience of Entering a Bookstore in Your Forties (vs. Your Twenties).” Steve Edwards explores the ecology of reading, pondering the way that books, life, and place are hitched together.

The Health of Nations.” J. D. Vance weighs in on the debate sparked by Tucker Carlson’s recent monologue: “This raises a fundamental question with which so many of Tucker’s critics refuse to even engage: What happens when the companies that drive the market economy—and all of its benefits—don’t care about the American nation’s social fabric? What happens when, as in the case of a few massive narcotics sellers, they profit by destroying that fabric?”

Tucker Carlson Has Fired the First Shot in Conservatives’ Civil War over the Free Market.” Matthew Walther provides another thoughtful engagement with Tucker’s critique of the mythical “free” market.

What Tucker Carlson Gets Right.” Finally, W. Bradford Wilcox and Samuel Hammond argue that “it’s possible to recognize the value of personal agency and nevertheless admit the extent to which the stagnation of working-class wages and increases in job instability for less-educated men have stemmed from elite policy choices.”

Silvopasture Can Mitigate Climate Change. Will U.S. Farmers Take it Seriously?” Lela Nargi reports on the way some farmers are growing trees and raising livestock.

Taleb the Philosopher.” Joshua Hochschild writes a perceptive, wide-ranging analysis of Nassim Taleb’s recent work on uncertainty and antifragility: “Our social reorganization hasn’t actually protected us from randomness, but has made us fragile to new manifestations of randomness.”

New Year, New You? The Allure of Transhumanism.” Jacob Shatzer warns against transhumanism’s self-construction narrative.

Confessions of a Feminist Heretic.” Abigail Favale describes how becoming a mother changed her views on autonomy and self-sufficiency.

To Be Whole: A Call from the Fringe of Society.” Kevin Morse surveys the life and vision of Harlan Hubbard, an artist who desired to live a whole life.

J.R.R. Tolkien Exhibit Opening in New York Is the ‘Largest in Generations’.” Jessica Stewart recommends an upcoming exhibit of Tolkien’s art and other documents that provide a glimpse of his creative process.

The Millions Will Live on, But the Indie Book Blog Is Dead.” Kat Rosenfield considers the changing role of independent blogs like The Millions and wonders about the viability of publishing ventures that can’t afford to pay their authors. As the editor of such a venture, this is a question I ponder often.

How Beauty Is Making Scientists Rethink Evolution.” Ferris Jabr tries to make sense of recent work on evolution and beauty. Some evolutionary scientists are realizing the importance of beauty, but they still have a difficult time accounting for its source.

The Populist Specter.” Steven Hahn reviews four recent books, including Patrick Deneen’s Why Liberalism Failed, and argues we need to develop a more nuanced, honest history of populism.

David Bosworth on Conscientious Thinking.” David Bosworth appears on the Technoskeptic Podcast to talk about his recent books, including The Demise of Virtue in Virtual America.


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