My guest is former Ambassador Alberto Miguel Fernandez. Alberto served as US Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea, and also served in various diplomatic roles around the world including in Afghanistan, Syria, and Sudan. He currently serves as vice president of the Middle East Media Research Institute.

Alberto shares his early introduction to Russell Kirk’s writings, his family’s history with his native Cuba, his career as a US diplomat, and thoughts about disappearing cultures around the world with his recent article in The Lamp magazine as a jumping off point.

This interview was recorded just prior to the rapid collapse of Afghanistan this past week, but Alberto discusses his time in Kabul and the role of the US there. Plus, stick around for some book recommendations at the end.

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‘Torn From Love’ at The Lamp Magazine (note: behind a paywall)

‘Neither a Suicide Noose Nor a Sword of Vengeance’ 

‘Adventurer, Patriot, Spanish Man of Letters: The Moroccan Notes of Gimenez Caballero’

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