Humane Politics


Adam Smith, a philosopher at the University of Dubuque, counterattacks the disenchanted War on Suffering.  FPR President Mark Mitchell goes biblical to bring down a heightened politics of insanity.  Brass Spittoon podcaster John Murdock looks at a key architect of religious politics and wonders what might happen if his blueprints were followed.  Gerald Ford groupie and FPR perfect attendance award winner Jeff Polet opens by reflecting on political goats.    


Jeff Polet:  Introduction

1:30       Statistical sirens

3:00       Humane oxymorons

5:15       Dirty politics

6:15       Animal farm

9:45       Oh yeah, the intros!

Adam Smith: “The Politics of Reenchantment”

10:15    A reading from St. Aldo’s almanac

11:45    Frontlines in the War on Suffering

20:00    Enchanting politics with fairies and green fire

24:00    Institutionalizing flatness

31:00    Supernaturally small

Mark Mitchell: “Politics in Babel”

33:00    Towers trump?

38:00    Name callers

42:00    Crashing symbols

46:00    Abraham skips the bricks

47:15    Hope in failure

John Murdock: “Back to the Future of the Religious Right”

51:45    “The Poll” and holy holes

57:00    Franciscan biography

62:00    White and wrongs

66:00    The limits of integrity

69:00    Polyface politics and ravines made for walking


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