Ashley Colby, founder of the Rizoma Field School, digs up inspiring true stories of resistance and restoration (with references to donkeys, elephants, and our 49th state).   Bill Kauffman, author and regular conference closer, weaves Wisconsin professors of the past and the robo-umps of tomorrow into a seamless and side-splitting localist garment.  Rory Groves introduces the duo and ponders a porch free of PhDs.    


1:30       Rory Groves, unlikely agrarian

Ashley Colby:  “Doomer Optimism: Life Adjacent to the Machine”

5:30       Adjacent, whether we like it or not

7:45       Donkey driving, mastodon ranching, hospitality boot camp

12:00    Alaskan laundries and cider-sipping city dwellers

Bill Kauffman:  “Off the Empire, On Wisconsin”

17:15    A thieving historian

22:00    Rural drama

26:00    Little things mean a lot

33:00    You’re out!

38:30    A midnight tale


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