Timothy Carney, an AEI senior fellow and the author of Family Unfriendly: How Our Culture Made Raising Kids Much Harder Than It Needs to Be, talks about the village it takes to raise a child and the metaphorical (and sometimes literal) rise of “No Children Allowed” signs.


2:30       A lively home and coffee shop

4:00       Trumpy Christians?

7:15       Find a secular van fam, win a free book!

16:30    Was Hillary right?

22:15    Trickling down to Fishtown?

29:30    House plans, town plans

36:30    Work from home

43:45    Childless for the planet or better by the trillion

54:00    Ponzi scheme or Korean contagion

57:00    The sporting life


Tim’s bio and buy the book

FPR at 15

Churchy Trump resistance column

Nancy Pearcey’s  “Common Good Men

Korean “Child Free”Zones

Wendell Kimbrough helps us find our way home

Local Culture
Local Culture
Local Culture
Local Culture


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