The Forgotten Conservative Value: Wilderness

The Wilderness calls forth the bond of community, labor, and leisure. It calls forth the best in humanity, so long as humans understand their relationship to the Wilderness.

Why Aren’t There More Conservative Anarchists? On Recovering a Consistent Philosophy of Conservative Anti-Statism

Both Dreher’s and Deneen’s projects impel vital questions: how can the Faith be preserved, and how can we protect ourselves from the progressive strain of liberalism? Perhaps a synthesis of anarchist and conservative postures can yield answers.

From the Editor–The Inaugural Issue of Local Culture

And so in 2019, at the tenth annual FPR conference marking FPR’s tin anniversary, we are pleased to bring out the first issue of Local Culture: A Journal of the Front Porch Republic.

Climate Change, Dirty Hands, and the Grace (and Hope) of Limits

Paul Schrader, the famed screenwriter and director, does not make subtle films. His latest movie, First Reformed--the story...

Florida Man Turns Out to be a Good Neighbor

“Florida man” is the source of many ridiculous headlines. So many that now there is a “game” you can play by typing...

And Beauty for All

By seeking to protect and restore natural beauty, create lovely urban design, bring art into our communities and support local sustainable agriculture and healthy fish and wildlife populations, we can also build community and reduce polarization.

Yuval Levin’s “Conservative Capitalism”

Yuval Levin recently highlighted right and leftwing critiques of capitalism in National Review’s May issue. Many of these critiques, he says, are...

Wal-Mart Churches and the Need for Community

The truth is that many American Christians do not want a local church. We’re too independent and consumeristic for that.

Still Singin’

That this country boasts something called “The Great American Songbook” is one of the best jokes around. The Great American Songbook? Our...

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When In Gotham . . .

“How does one critique globalism without succumbing to would-be nationalist despots like Bolsonaro or Trump?” This was the earnest and sensible question a friend put...

Nationalism Against Imperialism

“For centuries, the politics of Western nations have been characterized by a struggle between two antithetical vision of world order: an order of free...

Patriotism in Little

Louisville, Kentucky.  One of the things I found on moving home to Kentucky 22 years ago is that our love of country is a...