1968 Fifty Years Later: A Re-Evaluation

Register now for our September 22, 2018 conference at Spring Arbor University. We have put together what promises to be a lively day of presentations and discussions reflecting on how the events of 1968 continue to shape contemporary concerns. The day will include four panels and a keynote. Lunch and refreshments will be provided, and afterward we’ll host a reception at the Grand River Brewery.

    1. Race (9:15-10:30)
      • Samuel Hogsette, “Race: 1968-2018 Progress or Illusion?”
      • T. R. Thompson, “Homo sum”
      • Grace Potts, “Things Are Not Always As They Seem”
    2. Sex (10:45-12:00)
      • Patrick Deneen, “The Most Unholy and Savage of Animals: How Not to Eat (or have sex)”
      • Kate Dalton, “Having it All”
      • Shawn Floyd, “All you beasts of the field, come and devour…”
    3. Keynote (1:00-2:00)
      • David Bosworth, “Fear and Loathing in Chicago”
    4. War (2:15-3:30)
      • Bill Kauffman, “We Haven’t Had that Spirit Here Since 1968”
      • Jeff Polet, “Robert Nisbet and the War State”
    5. Culture (3:45-5:00)
      • Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn, “New Age Gnosticism and the Return of Its Ancient Foe”
      • D. G. Hart, “When Garry Wills and Brent Bozell Left National Review Conservatism Failed”
      • Jeremy Beer, “Indirect and Internalized: The Surprising Strength of our Ironic Cultural Authority”


To register, visit our Eventbrite page.

Conference Details


The conference will be held at Spring Arbor University in the Ralph Carey Forum (building number seven on this map).


The Holiday Inn Express is now booked for that weekend, but the (brand new) Tru by Hilton still has rooms available.


After the conference on Saturday evening, there will be a reception at the Grand River Brewery.