Tag: Christian Poetry

Sonnets in Advent with Dunstan Thompson

Dunstan Thompson's poetic prayer reminds me how necessary Advent is and leaves me grateful for Christ’s work that makes his former foes members of his household.

“unsafe, unnumb”: The Unshod Poetry of Bower Lodge

This is poetry that focuses its readers on the true, good, and beautiful. Here, we are reminded that Christ took on flesh like ours, that he was born as we are, that he died as we will.

The Business Like Concerns of Elizabeth Bishop and George Herbert

Devon, PA.  In the first months of FPR's existence, I wrote a short essay on George Herbert, secularization, and devotion.  I return to that...

Mr. Herbert’s Sunday Morning Service

Devon, PA.  Most people, agrarian or otherwise, do not read poetry anymore.  Ours is not merely a forgetful culture, but one that has long...