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Between Port Royal and Patagonia

Being wealthy doesn’t make Chouinard a better representative of the values that he shares with Berry, but recognizing that Berry is not alone and that these values can be brought into the wider world, if imperfectly, makes their embrace of limits and simplicity more compelling and their approach to life seem more possible for others.

The Temptation of Minimalism and Excess: A Simple Home in an...

In the discussion of minimalism, I want to suggest it’s less about what’s in your home than what your home is used for. It’s not what you don’t have in your home, but the people you do. It’s not the values you say you believe, but your disposition towards your neighbor and to things.

Simplicity “Bleg”

I'd like to call upon the collective wisdom of the Front Porch Republic, to help me with a new class I'll be teaching in...