Baseball Symposium


John Miller asked me to write on why I love the Diamondbacks. Twenty-nine others pitch in on the rest of the league, if you’re interested, including my friends Darryl Hart and Jeff Cain, to pick two entries that are especially worth reading.

No matter how much the owners, players, idiot commissioner, and drug-pushing trainers attempt to ruin the game, I still look forward to opening day with boyish enthusiasm. I was able to catch three spring-training games this year (the same rule holds in the Cactus League as in the majors: the older the park, the better), I’ll be at the D-backs’ opener on Monday, and I’ll have a baseball-related post for FPR that same day.  ‘Tis a wonderful time of year.

If I were Kauffman, I’d add a stanza from a baseball poem here. Bill?

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