I Can’t Read My New Book


My new book is an anthology of writings on economic liberty. Unfortunately, I’m not actually able to read the published edition, since it is in Romanian. My co-editor, Dr. Ovidiu Hurdezeu, asked me to put this anthCoperta11 copyology together to introduce Distributism and other “front porch” ideas to the Romanian people, which should prove fertile ground for such ideas. Indeed, before the darkness of World War II and the communist occupation of Romanian, there was a vibrant peasants’ party in Romania, as Alan Carlson has noted in his Third Ways. Dr. Carlson has an essay in this collection. The title of the book translates as Economic Liberty: A Profound Romanian Renaissance.

Today, the Romanian economy is in shambles, with a government that is hostile to Romanian culture in the name of becoming “Europeans,” that is, subjecting the Romanian people to the bureaucrats in Brussels. Romanian (and everybody else in Europe) can do better.

I will be in Romania for 10 days at the end of November to promote the book and the ideas contained in it. Romanian readers of this blog are invited to contact me for details of the trip.

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