Nobel Gestures

By Patrick J. Deneen for FRONT PORCH REPUBLIC

The awarding of this year’s Nobel Peace Prize on a man who has been President not even for  10 months (before that, briefly, a U.S. senator, and before that, briefly, a State senator) sends as clear a signal as might be sent that it is hoped that the foreign policy of the United States will be run by the enlightened elite in Oslo (and fellow travelers).  The message:  join us in our aims of achieving one-world cosmopolitan peace.

The prize money comes from a renowned munitions inventor and war profiteer.  Norway’s extensive welfare system receives extensive monetary support from its oil bonanza in the North Sea, oil that is massively consumed by the profligate American public of which the Oslovians highly disapprove.  The American budget which President Obama oversees  devotes massive sums through its military portion on the protection of the world’s oil economy – thus effectively subsidizing the Oslovians – using the munitions that can trace their lineage to Mr. Nobel.    In sum:  the worst thing for theorists of one-world cosmopolitan peace would be one-world cosmopolitan peace.  But that’s besides the point – not only do they high-handedly declare what American policy should be, but they assuage their own guilt over their complicity.  A win-win.

Congratulations, Mr. President.  But don’t mistake this award to be for something that you’ve done – it’s for what you’re supposed to do (all the while knowing that while you are to play the Kantian, we also want you to be a Machiavelli when necessary).  If you had sufficient humility and cojones, you’d politely but forcefully send the prize right back to Oslo.

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