What the World Eats

By Mark T. Mitchell for FRONT PORCH REPUBLIC

Here is a photographic account of what families from various cultures eat in a typical week. Not surprisingly, as affluence increases so, too, does the amount of packaged food and soda along with a noticeable decrease in fresh fruits and vegetables. It would interesting to see a compendium of the various diseases that afflict these societies as well. While we’re at it, are some societies happier than others? Is there a relationship between happiness and the food we eat? Does producing at least some of one’s own food increase one’s happiness? I know that when I eat food I have grown, there is a double pleasure in the eating. But perhaps that is simply the luxury of my relative affluence.  Would I feel differently if my life depended on the food I produced? Anyone out there produce the majority of the food you eat? How do you do it? Why?

H/T Josh Eller

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