The Horror of a World without TAC


Porch frequenters know well that there are remarkably few places on the World Wide Interweb where one may encounter intelligent, thoughtful, non-ideological conservatism. And in print? You can count ’em on one hand — and you’d probably not need to extend all of your digits in doing so.

All of which is to say: support The American Conservative. TAC’s web-a-thon is in full swing. Their goal, I believe, is to gain enough support to keep the print version of the magazine alive.

Listen: I need that. And you need that. You can’t take your iPad or your Kindle or your laptop everywhere. You don’t want to. Like me, you come down with a case of screen sickness every day about 5 or 6 p.m. On Fridays it becomes a near-crippling disease. Looking at a screen, touching a keyboard, moving a mouse — the very thoughts produce nausea, dizziness, intense ennui. But the thought of picking up a good floppy magazine, lounging on the patio, lighting up a cigar, pouring a whiskey and soda — it immediately enlivens. And to make the thought a reality immediately restores. Birdsong again enters your consciousness. You begin to re-engage physical reality. Man was made for this kind of thing, you think to yourself, and you resolve to one day become a lazy forest ranger. A forest ranger who lazes around reading magazines in a hammock.

Without TAC, none of it can happen. Newsmax is no substitute. You need Bacevich, Kauffman, Larison, McCarthy, Deneen, Gottfried, Antle, Walker, Doherty, and Dougherty — and you need them in print.

Make an investment in your future happiness. In the world’s happiness. In the good America. Support TAC today.

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