The so-called “wise men” of Michael Gerson and David Brooks’s imagination don’t exist.  And the same could be said of the super experts that supposedly run things in our financial regulatory bureaucracy, food safety and consumer protection bureaucracy, or any other middling functionary who is from the Government and here to help.  “We got you covered” indeed.


  1. Yes, but who needs experts when simply being deft at mining the loopholes of the age is so profitable? That Brooks can make a living being described as a “conservative” while both writing and TV yammering some of the more hilarious sophistry out there….well, it kind of confirms that one does not have to deal in tangible things to make a living anymore. Fantasy is fungible. If we talk enough about the Unicorn, it will certainly exist….somewhere.

  2. Wait, when did the Onion start reporting actual news?

    On another note, I’m kind of glad that the people behind the scenes don’t exist, because they would probably create more problems than they’d solve anyway.

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