FPR in the Flesh

By Mark T. Mitchell for FRONT PORCH REPUBLIC

This weekend, Front Porch Republic launched its newest feature: FPR in the Flesh. Through this endeavor, we hope to connect FPR readers with one another (and with some of our authors) sans pixels or gigabytes. The FPR in the Flesh effort focuses on two, separate, efforts.

The first is a Speakers’ Guild, comprised of FPR authors. Through this guild, you can arrange for an FPR author to come to your area to speak on a variety of topics related to the mission and purpose of FPR.

The second effort is what we are calling “Porches”: informal groups, locally situated and organized by interested readers. We’ll keep information about the locations of various local Porches updated via our website and will put you in touch with other readers in your area. The organization of these groups is an organic, subsidiary effort that is left entirely to your inclinations and imaginings. We hope to foster friendships, reading groups, story-telling times, and the consumption of excellent local food and drink.

You can explore both of these new opportunities through the “FPR in the Flesh” tab at the top of our website.

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