Read through this announcement by FPR contributor Stephen Heiner:

Dear Fellow Front Porchers

I wanted to invite you to an event which will be occurring in a couple months’ time in Rockford, Illinois.  It’s the Rockford Institute’s 14th Annual Summer School, which will occur from July 12-17.  This year, the topic is the French Revolution.  As always, we have gifted faculty who will join engaged students of all ages in discussing the issues from many different angles.  Speakers include Fr. Hugh Barbour, Dr. Thomas Fleming, Dr. James Patrick, Dr. Christopher Blum, Prof. Claude Polin, and Mr. Christopher Check.  This link will give you detailed information on the event and the faculty:

In past years some of our partial and full scholarships have gone unclaimed and I’m determined for that not to be the case this year.  If you are a high-school, undergraduate, or graduate student, or an impoverished teacher/professor (or you know one and want to forward this to them), and you care about preserving Western culture and civilization, you should apply for funding to attend our summer school.  Please email for information.

I look forward to hearing from you, and hope to see you in Rockford for learning, conversation, and conviviality.


Stephen Heiner
Director of Student Outreach
The Rockford Institute, Publisher of Chronicles