Rachel Blum Spencer

Rachel Blum Spencer

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$6,500 Goes a Long Way

McDowell County in North Carolina suffered an unemployment rate of 14.8% in 2009 (over 4% higher than the national rate). At a loss with...

Harry Potter and Running from Death

Our hero, Harry, demonstrates an attitude towards death that very few of us actually hold.

Summer Opportunity from the Rockford Institute

Read through this announcement by FPR contributor Stephen Heiner: Dear Fellow Front Porchers I wanted to invite you to an event which will be occurring in...

Meet a Folksinger

I recently received a song from Front Porch Republic reader Michael Johnathon. Michael is a Kentucky based folksinger, songwriter and host of the national...

Extra, extra!

I grew up reading newspapers that serviced large metropolitan areas--the Denver Post and Tulsa World. Strangely, it was only after moving to a suburb of Washington,...

Diet, meet Butter

What did Grandma really eat?

I have my own money, thank you.

How New England can change the world?

Pay Attention to Appearances

See an FPR author in a venue near you.

The Sustainability Stampede

The diversity club ran its course, and has been replaced with "second-wave environmentalism," a.k.a. our culprit, sustainability.

Food: The Cornerstone of Christian Credibility

This spring, Joel Salatin spoke at Patrick Henry College on "Food: The Cornerstone of Christian Credibility." I'm happy to be able to make an...

Keep the Family, Can the Blog

For several years now, anyone tech-savvy enough to navigate blogspot or xanga has been able to  share their thoughts with the internet world through...

Distracted Achievement Gap

The problem is that public schools inherit children who are "overentertained and distracted."